Cooking brings us together. Share a recipe, host a dinner party, plant an herb garden. The times we enjoy our family and friends over a great meal will always be remembered and cherished…

Here at Meritage we offer a relaxing, family friendly atmosphere with welcoming servers and a farm-to-table philosophy. From the moment you walk through our door we want you to have the most enjoyable dining experience possible. It’s no secret that we take pride in all we do, from preparing and cooking the most extravagant dishes to the small, simple ones, like our bread.

Cutting and rolling the house-made bread dough. Rolled dough on the baking sheet. Straight out of the oven.

All of our bread is made in-house, from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. It’s a skill every cook learns when joining our team so they too can take part in the pride and tradition that makes up the legacy of Callaway. -Chef Josh Diamond

Exec. Chef Josh Diamond

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Menu changes seasonally.