I have lived in Temecula my whole life, but never thought I would end up in the wine industry. Originally I was just looking for a new job because my previous job wasn’t what I was looking for. So I asked my good friend Art/manager if his company was hiring (Callaway Vineyard & Winery). He had told me there was an opening for a cashier position. Little did I know that would lead me into the tasting room not too long after that. After I got hired on, I started to learn more about the wine and listening to my coworkers and what they had to say about it. The more and more I listened and learned, the more I got intrigued. Ever since I started working here about a year ago I have fell in love with this industry and this company. Not only is the wine here good, but the company and the people are just as good as the wine. Just learning about what goes into making the wine and the process is crazy. It literally comes down to a science. This is great company and I am glad I can be one of the people who are apart of making it grow into something amazing!