The art of wine goes back thousands of years celebrated and consumed by the Greek and Roman Empire. In this day in age, we ask ourselves what is the true way to consume our glasses of wine? To set Get the full potential out of any bottle, or, so you look like you know what you’re doing on a first date, follow the 5 S’s of wine tasting. By doing so, I bet your server will pull out the library wines next time you go wine tasting based off your expertise.


See: Check the clarity of your wine. Hold it up to a white piece of paper. If it is a white wine, does it have a yellow, gold or straw color?

If it is a red wine, does it have a ruby, purple or brick color?


Swirl: By swirling, you are allowing oxygen through the wine, which will open up beautiful aromas.


Smell: Stick your nose into the bowl of the glass to smell it’s various aromas. Wine is subjective, so do not be afraid to say what you smell: Roses, raspberry, cherry, peach or mommas home cooking.


Sip: Take a sip of wine…yeah, a small sip! Let the wine spread across your palate and proceed by introducing air by doing a backwards whistle.  What do you taste? Again, wine is subjective. Some may taste meat, cherries, strawberry, apricot, and my favorite, “like kissing Marilyn Monroe.”


Savor: Finally, enjoy the long, lingering, beauty of the wine!!!!