Summer is in full swing, and many guests have questions about how to store their wines properly during the warmer months of the year.  Here are some easy do’s and don’ts that will decrease the number of bottles lost to spoilage.

Do – Keep your wine chilled.

Room temperature is too hot to store or serve wine and will increase oxidation and spoiling. Warm wines do not have the chance to fully express themselves.

Don’t – Keep your wine in your kitchen fridge long term.

Being too cold will stunt a wine’s development and mute aromas and flavors.

Do – Store your wine somewhere convenient.

A dark hallway closet under the stairs is conveniently out of the way, out of the sun, and a relatively cool place to store wine.

Don’t – Store your wine on top of your refrigerator. 

Refrigerator vibrations will increase the oxidation of wine as well as excessive heat given off by the fridge and nearby ceiling lights.

Do – Store your wine on its side.

Keep the cork in contact with the wine to keep it moist and full.  A dried cork shrinks and allows in more oxygen.

Don’t – Store your wine upright for long term.

Again, cork moisture is key. An upright bottle has no contact between the cork and wine, the cork will dry out.

Do – Keep your wine at a constant temperature. 

Like vibrations, constant temperature fluctuations negatively impact aging and chemical processes happening within the bottle.

Don’t – Keep your wine in an area with harsh interior lighting or direct sunlight.

Bright light that gives off heat will increase oxidations and damage wine.

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