Take a tour, see our new Cork Tree and learn all about the life cycle and cork harvesting. Here are some fun facts about Cork Trees a.k.a. Cork Oak…

  • The harvest process began around 300 years ago.
  • The trees must be 25 years old before the bark can be stripped for the first time.
  • The trees cannot be harvested again for another 9 years.
  • You can get about 12 harvests from one tree.
  • The bark is harvested by hand in mid-summer.
  • The bark thickens from the inside.
  • After being harvested the barks are boil-washed rapidly for one hour in self filtering water without the use of chlorines.
  • Quick drying is encouraged as it stops mold growth, a precursor to TCA formation.

The best cork is hand punched into solid pieces for the highest level of quality closure