We’ve finally settled in after a challenging harvest season and are busy racking the 2015 reds and bottling an array of earlier vintages.

In case you hadn’t heard, we have some new additions to our barrel room: two large 50 hectolitre (1,320 gallons) ‘foudre’ or casks. These two large French beauties arrived just prior to harvest. Both are customized and hand crafted for Callaway by Sequin Moreau Cooperage in France.

You may be wondering what the purpose is of having such large casks.  Well, it’s simply – oxygen! Larger formats have a slower absorption of oxygen. The larger the barrel the less oxygen contact with the wine – the less oxygen contact, the better the wine.

The new Foudres will bring additional benefits, such as: more complex aromas, structure, mouthfeel, wine color stabilization, and more varietal expression. Both are in full production and we have specific plans for our Mediterranean Estate Grown varietals: Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvedre, and our Calliope red blend. The wines fermented and stored in our new casks will definitely reflect the true potential of Callaway and the Temecula wine region.