FullSizeRender  So . . . I bought these wine chillers to sell in the winery gift shop a little while ago because I thought they were darling and I thought they would sell. After all, the whole chalkboard thing has been very popular for a while now and I knew our guests would love them. And they do. We have sold out of them and have reordered several times already, so they have fulfilled my initial expectations.
Then, while sprucing up our displays the other day, they made me stop and smile. First, because I still think they are just too cute but also because it occurred to me that the little statement on these chillers is really what we strive to be able to offer to all of our guests every day. We want Callaway Winery to be the place to “Wine Down and Chill Out”. And actually, this is what it is.
We are fortunate to have people come visit the winery from all over the world, as well as those who live within our community. We are fortunate to have a great staff that enjoys meeting and serving new visitors and our local regulars. We love to see the couple who comes to read their books while sipping on a glass of wine each week, or those teachers who occasionally stop in for a glass of wine after school before heading home for the day. We love to see the vacationers getting away from it all and relishing the experience of someplace new.
There is just something about being in wine country (call me crazy, but I think it’s probably the wine) that makes one want to stop and appreciate the beauty and the bounty of the land, appreciate the grape, from the vineyard to the glass, appreciate the efforts of those who create this liquid magic. It really is a time for most folks to meet some new friends, spend time with old friends, learn about wine, or just enjoy the scenery. Some guests we only meet once, others have become a part of our Callaway family, but most will leave having had a chance to “Wine Down and Chill Out” for a bit, and that’s what makes me smile. I wasn’t expecting that from these cute little wine chillers.
Kathryn Williamson
Tasting Room and Retail Sales Manager
Callaway Vineyard & Winery